Projects (01/2018) is one of the leading discount coupon portals in Turkey. The portal giveaways almost every brand’s discount coupons such as Trendyol, Morhipo, Koton, Tekonsa etc…

My obligation is designing the entire architecture and developing the web application. ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework are used.

The website is online since 08/2017 and has ~40k traffic per month.

Pay & Go (05/2017)


The project Pay & Go is a mobile application that helps people at restaurants. With the aim of Pay & Go, customers are able to place an order via their mobile phones. They can pay the order as well with the credit card through the application.

  The primary goal of Pay & Go project is splitting the check.

Assume a group of friend go to a restaurant to have dinner. After they had their dinner, the check will be include all of the foods and drinks. And the people may want to go dutch.

Without enough amount of coin, this process may be complex unless one of them feel itself rich. Even if there is enough amount of coin, there still may be a bunch of difficulties.



With Pay & Go, people are able to place an order through the app.

And they are able to pay the check separately. Each person pays what they eat, nothing more.

Pay & Go also offers users to monitor restaurant-based transaction history. Thus, customers get aware of how much spent on what.



Pay & Go project is my graduation project at Okan University, B.S. Computer Engineering.

Internet of Coffee (04/2015)

Internet of Coffee is an IoT project that offers people to prepare their coffees on their mobile phones. The project Internet of Coffee is a smart coffee machine with unique features and cloud-based infrastructure. Internet of Coffee has been awarded many prizes.

Internet of Coffee has also influenced the Turkish Media. (See:

Note++ (07/2013)

Note++ offers you simple and practical way to save daily notes. You can access your notes easily with Note++ as well as attaching images to your notes. Also your notes can be pinned to your start screen. This app has been downloaded 20.000+ times on Windows Store. And it has 4.7/5 rating.

Metromegle (04/2014)

Metromegle is a full-featured Omegle client for Windows Phone devices.


Metromegle offers users a great chat experience. Users will be able to chat with common interests by using Metromegle.


Metromegle has built-in chat rooms that users can join them.


Metromegle has tons of feature.

4Metromegle is the best way to use Omegle on your Windows Phone device.

ROLL (10/2015)

 ROLL is an extraordinary travel application which lets the user plan a whole travel from scratch.


With ROLL user books flights and hotels, shares cabs with other ROLL users and earns badges. 


ROLL also fetches data such as step amount and location from user’s smart-watch and brings in more badges. All collected badges on the user’s profile page can be used as discounts for future journeys of ROLL.



ManDown (10/2015)

Will have updated.

Allzic Radio (11/2015)

Allzic Radio is already on Android and iOS.
Currently working on…

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