Graduation project: Pay & Go.

The days when I go out with my friends, I spotted a problem: We can’t pay the check! Students go dutch generally when they go out. Without enough amount of coin, this process may be harder than you expected.

I came up with the idea ‘splitting the check’. The project Pay & Go offers you going dutch with no trouble.



The key point of the app QR codes. At each restaurant, there is QR codes on the tables associated with the specific restaurant and specific table. Customers are able to access the restaurant’s menu by scanning the QR codes on the tables.

Pay  & Go also offers splitting the check. For each person on the table, different sessions starts.

With the aid of different sessions, it is possible to pay the check separately. Pay & Go is the best way to go dutch.


People will also be able to place their order on their mobile phones instead of calling the waiter to place an order.

The project Pay & Go is a project that makes people’s live easier. People can give their orders by the mobile application of the project when they go out. Moreover, they can pay their check with a credit card through the application.

In the development process 8.527 lines of  C# code is written. (HTML and XAML excluded.) The fundamental approaches of Object Oriented Programming are followed. Modules are loosely coupled and reusable.

Model – View – ViewModel pattern is followed as well. The key idea of MVVM pattern is Separation of Concerns. It represents the independence between the modules. In the projects MVVM pattern followed it is possible to write reusable and human-readable code, build scalable modules.

The entire source code of the project is accessible at .

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