Meeting with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Micosoft CEO Satya Nadella came to Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) in order to attend ‘Big Data and IoT Developers Day‘ on 6th January in 2016.

A few startup projects in Turkey has been selected to be presented to Satya. Project owners have had a change of discussing projects with him. One of those project was Internet of Coffee which has been built by me and my mate Bertuğ Berkay Yemen. Hereby, me and my mate Bertug had a change of discussing about our project Internet of Coffee with Satya. Internet of Coffee has awarded many local and global awards.

  • Bahcesehir University Robotics Hackathon 1st Prize (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Intel IoT Roadshow 3rd Prize (Berlin, Germany)
  • AngelHack Moscow Microsoft BizSpark Membership Prize (Moscow, Russia)
  • TadHack Istanbul 1st Prize (Istanbul, Turkey)


Satya is giving a speech about projects.


The other thing I couldn’t believe that he presented our project Internet of Coffee on the stage. He started with “I love this Internet of Coffee!” and kept on going with its features!


Satya is talking about Internet of Coffee.

It was an extraordinary privilege for both of us and we are certainly very honored. The event “Microsoft Big Data and IoT Developers Day” has also influenced Turkish media.

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